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Social Responsibility


Economic Responsibility: refers to the responsibility of the company to produce, make profits and meet consumer demand. Its core is the company's ability to create profits and realize value. The performance of the company's economic responsibility can be examined from three aspects: finance, products and services, and governance structure. Although there is no single definition of corporate social responsibility, in essence, companies pursuing this approach need to do three important things:


First, the company recognizes that its business activities will have a great impact on its society; Social development will also affect the company's ability to pursue enterprise success;


Second, as a response, the company actively manages the economic, social and environmental impacts of its worldwide business activities, which not only benefits the company's business operation and corporate reputation, but also benefits the social organizations in the region where the enterprise is located;


Third, the company achieves these benefits through close cooperation with other groups and organizations, local groups, social and government departments. Responsibility for sustainable development: it refers to the responsibility to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises and society. This responsibility can be investigated through environmental protection responsibility and innovation responsibility. Legal responsibility: refers to the responsibility of the company to fulfill all obligations of laws and regulations. This responsibility can be investigated in two aspects: tax liability and employer liability. Moral responsibility: refers to the responsibility of the company to meet social standards, norms and values and to repay the society. This responsibility can be investigated from two aspects: internal moral responsibility and external moral responsibility.



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