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Energy Saving And Environmental Protection


Principle Of Fairness

The fairness among the generations, the inter generational fairness and the equity of resource distribution and utilization;

Sustainable development is an equal development of opportunity and interests. It includes the balanced development between regions in the same generation, that is, the development of a region should not be at the expense of damaging the development of other regions; It also includes the balanced development between generations, that is, it not only meets the needs of contemporary people, but also does not damage the development ability of future generations. The principle holds that all generations of mankind are in the same living space, they have the same right to enjoy the natural resources and social wealth in this space, and they should have the same right of existence. Therefore, sustainable development puts poverty eradication as an important issue, and should be solved first, and people from all countries and regions and generations should be given equal rights to development.


Principle Of Continuity

The development of human economy and society cannot surpass the carrying capacity of resources and environment. That is to say, while meeting the needs, there must be restrictive factors, that is, the concept of development contains restrictive factors; The concept of "development" also contains restrictive factors. Therefore, in the process of meeting human needs, there must be restrictive factors. The main limiting factors are population, environment, resources, as well as technical status and social organizations' restrictions on the ability of the environment to meet immediate and future needs. The most important limiting factor is the material basis of human survival - natural resources and environment. Therefore, the core of the principle of sustainability is that human economic and social development can not exceed the carrying capacity of resources and environment, so as to truly combine the current interests and long-term interests of mankind.


Principle Of Commonality

Although the models of sustainable development in different countries are different, the principles of equity and sustainability are common. The integrity and interdependence of the earth determine that the world must unite to recognize our home.

Sustainable development is to look at global issues beyond cultural and historical barriers. The problems it discusses are related to all mankind, and the goal it wants to achieve is the common goal of all mankind. Although the national conditions are different, the specific mode to achieve sustainable development can not be the only one, but no matter rich or poor countries, the principles of fairness, coordination and sustainability are common, and each country needs to adjust its domestic and international policies to achieve sustainable development. Only with the joint efforts of all mankind can we achieve the overall goal of sustainable development and combine the local interests with the overall interests of mankind.




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