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Sports meeting specials, the vitality sports meeting and family day of Norye's tenth anniversary series of activities are held

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Sports meeting specials, the vitality sports meeting and family day of Norye's tenth anniversary series of activities are held

(Summary description)

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Foreword: In order to invigorate employees' amateur cultural life, relieve work pressure, and strengthen organizational cohesion, it is hoped that collective competitions will enhance employees' awareness of physical exercise and promote teamwork. It not only enhanced the friendship between employees, exercised their physical fitness, and further demonstrated their collective cohesion and enterprising spirit. At the same time, they celebrated the tenth anniversary of Norye’s establishment and thanked employees’ families for their dedication and support. For this reason, October 17th "Connaught

The "Vitality Games and Family Day", a series of activities for the 10th anniversary celebration, was grandly held.

Time flies, Norye has grown from more than 10 employees 10 years ago to more than 400 small partners today, to today's tenth anniversary of the "ten years of hard work, the sword points to one billion" goal. All this is also inseparable from the support and dedication of the employees' families. Norye Family Day, this year is the fourth. Family Day is to reflect the harmony of our values. The sports meeting is to reflect the "health" of values. Of course, health in values ​​means more than just physical health, but the body is the capital of revolution. Good health can lead to a good life and a good job.

The vitality games held this time are not competitive but fun. Fun sports is a sport that combines traditional sports games and interesting activities that arouse people's interest. Sports and fun games integrate sports, culture, and culture. Fun, intelligence and other factors train everyone's reaction ability, enhance physical fitness, and cultivate a sense of collective honor and teamwork spirit.


Enriching the work life of employees is not only about poetry and distant places,
There are uninhibited years and young stadiums,
Work is not just in the office and workshop,
There are joyful fleeting years and full of passion,
Whether it’s sitting in the office on weekdays or traveling in a busy workshop
Put on sportswear,
When transforming into a happy elf on the sports field, with my dear family and cute babies,
What kind of picture will it look like?

There are 6 teams for the Games: Family Team, Headquarter Office Team, Nuoshun Team, Norye Factory Team, Fengma Factory Team and Port Branch Team.

There are four competition events: tug-of-war competition, crossing the river by touching the stones, planking, and crossing the hula hoop. Each representative team selects 20 players to participate in the competition.

Opening Ceremony of the Games-All representatives queued to enter the arena, bravely

The oath ceremony of the representatives of the athletes and the referees before the game


Warm up before the game

Happy parent-child time, the pink wishing tree is pasted with their own wishes. In the parent-child activities, the friends not only won golden medals, but also were invited to be award-giving guests.


I exercise, I am happy, I exercise, and I am healthy. The vitality games and family day activities have come to a successful conclusion. In this arena, everyone is the protagonist. You are the best if you persevere and work hard. Norye platform gives you the opportunity to realize your dreams!

Wish Norye Hardware develop better and better and happy 10th anniversary birthday!

Wish every family: family harmony, happiness and health!


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