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[Norye corporate culture] The charm of Norye's talent values shines on your career

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(Summary description)

[Norye corporate culture] The charm of Norye's talent values shines on your career

(Summary description)

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【Introduction】: Corporate culture is formed in the long-term business activities of an enterprise, and it is the induction and transformation of its growth environment, ability and operation, and it is born with the enterprise. Corporate culture is the core competitiveness of Norye Development, which guides the development of Norye and constrains the behavior of employees, while corporate values are the criteria for corporate leaders and employees to judge things.

Contents of Norye corporate culture Corporate mission: To continue to provide a platform for all of our employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and other partners to realize their dreams and create value

Corporate vision: to become the technology leader in the manufacturing industry of stainless steel bathroom products

Enterprise spirit: focus, cooperation, sharing

Zero Tolerance Ban: Corruption, Bribery, Bribery

Core Values: Harmony and Health, Integrity, Efficiency and Dedication

             Enterprising and innovative, attentive service, gratitude and win-win


Enterprise talent values: refers to the basic viewpoint of the enterprise on the nature of talents and the law of development and growth.


Founded in 2011, Norye Company has grown from the initial 8 employees to more than 300 employees now, from the initial simple processing to today's development strategy of "manufacturing-oriented, technology-led", and has been recognized as a "high-tech enterprise". ”; From the initial focus on the research and development, production and sales of stainless steel bathroom handrails, to today’s bathroom handrails, heating towel rails, and electrical appliance handles, three projects have developed rapidly, and honored as Masco, Ingersoll rand in the United States, Roca in Spain, Galanz, Wanhe Qualified suppliers of well-known companies such as , Changqing and so on; the factory area of Minmin Town exceeds 10,000 square meters, and the factory area of the newly built electric heating towel rack production base exceeds 20,000 square meters, etc. All development is inseparable from the corporate culture of Norye: detailed planning Mission, vision, promise one spirit, zero tolerance ban, etc., guide the company's operation and management.

[Remember that Mr. Wang, the general manager of Norye, shared a wonderful excerpt at the opening ceremony of the "Norye Vitality Games and the 4th Family Day Event": Norye has been honing for ten years, although there are some gaps from our ideals, but it has laid a good foundation for future development. Base. At the 9th anniversary celebration last year, we formulated a strategic development goal for the next ten years: "One billion in ten years". Such a goal is not based on shouting slogans, but requires resource allocation, capital investment, management improvement, R&D innovation and sales expansion. I think the most important thing is the growth and introduction of talents.

Will the introduction of Nanuo one talent rob us of our jobs and share our cakes? I think if our pie is no longer growing and everyone we have is no longer growing, then I believe the answer is yes. Therefore, the development of the company requires employees who continue to learn, grow, and always maintain the mentality of strugglers.

Have you watched the hot talk show recently? I have two experiences that are consistent with our company's talent values:

1. There is no eternal king. Whether you are a veteran or a novice, you need to re-qualify for the preliminary round and gradually advance. This is consistent with the mentality of each of us to maintain a struggle, continuous growth and learning.

2. Although they are in competition and competition, they modify each other's drafts in private to ensure that each paragraph is more exciting. It is because of their mutual cooperation that the talk show will become more and more exciting. This is "cooperating with us and sharing" ” is consistent with helping the company grow.

In fact, this is also our company's talent concept: existing talents strive to grow and new talents work together. I believe that as long as this is the case, our future goals will definitely be achieved. 】

The company has development, the individual has a future, learning and growth, hard work, and win-win cooperation are the types of talents that Norye needs. Kazuo Inamori said: There are three types of materials: non-combustible, combustible and spontaneous. Similarly, people can also be divided into three types:

The first type is a "non-combustible" person who can't even catch fire;

The second type is a "flammable" person who is on fire;

The third type is the "spontaneous" type of people who can burn themselves.

If you want to achieve a certain career, you must become a person who can burn yourself and become a person who takes the initiative. Mediocre people avoid suffering, excellent people are not afraid of suffering, and outstanding people ask for it.

May each of us Norye become a "spontaneous" person, work hard on the platform of Norye, and realize our dreams!


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