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Norye|2022 opens the quality theme year

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(Summary description)

Norye|2022 opens the quality theme year

(Summary description)

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Foreword: A new journey of ten years, starting again, in 2022, the second ten years of Norye has already set sail. Looking back on the past, Norye has continued to experience the upgrading of internal management of the company and the ever-changing global environment. Today, with risks and opportunities coexisting, Norye continues to explore, change, learn and grow, so that the company's management is scientific and standardized, adhering to the corporate culture, around 2022. Theme - Quality Year, here quality not only refers to product quality, but also work quality.

Quality is the eternal theme of corporate activities, and the first year of the second ten-year plan is taken as the theme year of quality, which highlights the pursuit and awe of Norye for quality. We expect that all of us will cultivate quality as a habit of our own, and integrate the concept of pursuing quality into everyone's work, study and daily life, so that everyone will have a strong desire to do things well as the ultimate goal. Target.

In order to further strengthen the quality management awareness of employees in different positions, Norye will start the quality year improvement in 2022 from various dimensions, such as: propaganda on the bulletin board, organizing different levels of reading clubs, continuous internal and external training, and various skills competitions. Throughout the 2022 year, management methods and tools are used in various ways, so that every employee pays attention to the quality of their work, and also allows the quality to be implemented in every process, from design to production. Form a consensus and make product quality the dignity of each of us.

In the process of the company focusing on quality improvement and promoting high-quality development, the Norye quality system team takes the lead and becomes the model of Norye quality year, improving and improving from the dimensions of team, system, laboratory hardware, training system, quality system management, etc. .

※ Team building, quality system management area.

All the personnel of the quality system are the link of quality guidance and delivery. When the quality personnel complete their job functions, they also drive their respective regions to raise the awareness of the stakeholders, which is the core of future quality management. At the beginning of the year, Norye quality system organized a system meeting to study and discuss the work deployment of the theme year.

(Quality Management Team)

※ Improve the product certification system and pursue unlimited standards.

For the positioning of different categories, the quality system continues to improve the multi-party verification of products to ensure that the products meet my country's compliance. At present, it has CE/RCM/UL/TUV-mark/CQC and other market access licenses from different countries, accumulating and integrating different standard requirements, and continuously upgrading the compliance of product standards. Establish and maintain cooperation with TUV/SGS/ITS, quality inspection institutes at all levels, and industry associations to keep product use standards at the forefront of the industry.

(A collection of various certificates)

※ Laboratory construction.

In order to meet the needs of internal product verification, the company's laboratory continues to improve. At present, it has dozens of advanced testing equipment for mechanics, environment, safety regulations, precision measurement, etc., and is equipped with full-time experimental testers. The future development direction of the laboratory has been recognized by UL/SGS/TUV witness laboratories and CNAS laboratories.

(a corner of the laboratory)

※ Knowledge management and circular training.

Establish a quality knowledge management system, use training systems and new media means to share continuously, continue to accumulate personal and organizational knowledge, form a cycle of company wisdom, continue to consolidate company management, and operate and apply capital.

※ QCC quality control circle application.

The quality system is led, and the workshop is the unit to implement the QCC quality control circle activities in each factory. Organize the participation of various functional units, and promote the collaboration of related units while harvesting key issues in the quality control circle. Through the simultaneous and continuous activities of N quality control circle groups, improve the thinking awareness and participation of all staff in quality management.

※Apply to PDCA and SDCA cycle work.

Full introduction of PDCA and SDCA cycle work, play the SDCA "maintenance" function, standardize and stabilize the existing process, play the PDCA "improvement" function, and improve the level of the company's process.


※ Upgrade of quality management system

The company continues to improve the quality management system and implements 14 strategic objectives management work. Through organizational environment analysis, plan and decompose various management processes, clarify positions, responsibilities and authorities, deal with risks and opportunities, improve system documents of various departments, formulate decomposition goals, guide planning action plans and resource allocation, and timely rectify deviations in combination with performance evaluation, and regularly summarize and inspect the formation. Manage loops. To sum up, it will help the company's quality management to a new level.


Norye insists on creating a learning enterprise, strengthens quality awareness, insists on winning by quality, and lays the foundation for Norye to become a technology leader in the stainless steel sanitary ware manufacturing industry in the future with excellent quality. 2022, the year of Norye Quality, not only refers to the quality of products but also the quality of each of us. Norye needs to be careful, meticulous, and attentive. Together, we will change through learning and grow through change.

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