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Corporate culture escorts stable development, and technology leads the start of a new journey

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Corporate culture escorts stable development, and technology leads the start of a new journey

(Summary description)

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In 2022, Norye Hardware will take steady steps to start the company's second ten-year development plan. The company will follow the development strategy of "manufacturing-oriented, technology-led, focusing on sanitary ware, focusing on stainless steel"; it is deeply engaged in the research and development of stainless steel sanitary ware products. field; technology and technology lead the industry, practice the steady development of corporate culture, and form an industrial chain of stainless steel bathroom products manufacturing factories with a certain scale.

Norye Hardware Enterprise Culture

Norye Hardware has ten years of experience in manufacturing services exported to developed countries in Europe and America. For hardcover home bathrooms, commercial hotel bathrooms, public barrier-free bathrooms and other scenarios, design, research and development, production and sales of electric heating towel racks, bathroom accessories, barrier-free safety Handrails, folding bathroom stools, paper towel boxes, tissue boxes, soap dispensers, stainless steel mirrors, stainless steel shelves, floor drains and other sanitary stainless steel products, providing customers with one-stop bathroom stainless steel products technical consultation, product supply, quality assurance and after-sales service, etc. Serve.

Norye Headquarters

● Four factories: handrail factory, electric towel rack factory, accessories factory, electrical appliance handle factory

● According to the different requirements of products, we will set up special planes and special lines for production to ensure product quality.

● Set up packaging line according to different products to ensure product quality.


Norye Grab bar Factory

● Capacity: 5,000 pieces/day of straight grab bar, 1,500 pieces/day of electric heating towel racks, 500 pieces/day of bathroom seat, and 1,000 pieces/day of pendants.

● The factory has comprehensive production capacity, equipped with workshops for cutting, pipe bending, stamping, welding, polishing, assembling, mold and sample making, etc., which can grind, sandblast, powder spray, pull bag, and gild the surface of products.

Nuoshun Electric Handle Factory

● 2022 The opening year will be fully upgraded

1. The company has introduced comprehensive and refined management and established a multi-dimensional, high-efficiency and guaranteed system.

2. The company focuses on product research and development, improves the company's product line, and enriches the company's products.

3. The company focuses on technical process research and development, and aims to realize the full transition of production and manufacturing from manual operation to man-machine integration, and to unmanned automation as the ultimate direction.

Professional production equipment

New strategy and new journey

● 2023 Integrate resources and realize turnaround

With the integration of supply chain resources, the company's resources can be fully utilized to reduce costs,

Increase output and achieve double sales.

● 2024 Technology leads automation

Realize self-built independent modern workshops, comprehensively upgrade production lines, and expand production scale.

     Norye, looking forward to it, the future can be expected!


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