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  Norye firmly believes that only with concerted efforts and concerted efforts can we have a great development and a great future. Therefore, we focus on cultivating employees' sense of belonging to the company, making the company their home, so as to increase their sense of security and cohesion to the company, so as to give full play to their fighting spirit to build this Nuoyi home. Nuoyi adheres to the cultural construction, constantly optimizes the internal system construction, and further improves the internal quality of employees, so that they have a better external image to show to the general public. In the future, Nuoyi furniture will take on a brand new look and develop a rigorous and orderly project management system. We have established a code of conduct for everyone, and everyone is responsible from top to bottom in management. Create a harmonious atmosphere in which everyone has a share in the big family.

  In addition, our company attaches great importance to production technology and product research and development, constantly improves and promotes production technology, and keeps pace with the times to meet the needs of the Chinese public. In order to meet the needs of customers, constantly adjust the market operation strategy, and better serve the society, we should make progress and improvement with a modest attitude; In this way, the continuous growth of its own, the remarkable business results, the enhancement of enterprise strength, and constantly increase the popularity, reputation and influence of enterprises in the society.

 Adhering to the concept: we can give you the most guaranteed quality products, we can give you the ideal price and harmonious atmosphere.


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