Public Bathroom Division
Public Bathroom Division

Public Bathroom Division

Norye hardware - Commercial bathroom business division started from the production and export of barrier free handrails at the beginning of Nuoyi. With the company's focus, the company developed rapidly, and developed and produced barrier free products such as bathroom stool and back in 2012. Thanks to the recognition and proposal of our customers for the quality of our company,in 2016, our company started to produce special bathroom paper towel dispenser , toilet tissue dispenser, soap dispensers, stainless steel mirrors, toilet seat paper dispensers, stainless steel shelves and other bathroom stainless steel products, which further enriched the product matrix of the commercial bathroom division.
The company produces commercial sanitary ware products in accordance with Ada standards in the United States, as1428 standards in Australia, etc., and have been exported to major developed countries and regions such as North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, etc., and established a good cooperation relationship with a large number of leading brands of European and American commercial sanitary ware.




The company continues to increase the improvement of production lines, deepen management, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and ensure a certain proportion of R & D investment to improve the R & D of independent new products. In 2020, we will develop and launch the second generation handrail (handrail 2.0), which is made of stainless steel, durable, touch paint, anti bacteria, skin friendly and comfortable. It perfectly solves the defects of nylon / plastic handrail, easy embroidery and conventional stainless steel handrail, such as cold handle and poor anti sliding effect. It is deeply loved and recognized by the market and end users.

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